During a colouring or high lifting process the inner hair bonds can break, damaging the hair structure; as a result, the stability of the hair is reduced and it becomes prone to breakage. Igora Royal High lifts with Fibre Bond Technology offers a new standard in high lifting, minimizing hair breakage.

What is it?

The IGORA ROYAL High lifts shades contain High Definition Technology, which provide maximum lift, whilst Fibre Bond Technology, creates a protective layer around the hair bonds.

What can you do with it?

Due to this ‘bodyguard function’, most of the bonds survive the high lifting process and hair retains its strength and elasticity with the coolest blond results ever.

What is the big deal?

Igora Royal High Lifts is the first high lifting colour with Fibre Bond Technology integrated inside the colour crème. During the process of lightening the hair, Igora Royal’s High Definition Technology and the Fibre Bond Technology lifts and protects simultaneously, to create cool pigment combinations resulting in stunning silver-blonde hues.


  • Ultimate convenience and ease of use
  • First high lifting colour with integrated Fibre Bond Technology
  • Minimized hair breakage
  • Coolest blonde results ever from Igora Royal
Weight 0.10 kg

Ultra Blonde Ash Cendre – 10-21, Ultra Blonde Cendre Beige – 10-14, Ultra Blonde Cendre – 10-1, Ultra Blonde Natural – 10-0, Special Blonde Beige Chocolate – 12-46, Special Blonde Cendre Violet – 12-19, Special Blonde Cendre Extra – 12-11, Special Blonde Ash – 12-2, Special Blonde Cendre – 12-1, Super Blonde Natural – 12-0


Hair Colour, Permanent Colour


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